Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One of the wonders of our age

Waiting for my Children to come out of school this afternoon I was talking to another Father about the new Earth like planet that has been discovered came up. It really seems to have caught peoples imagination.

However, as an Engineer, the most amazing things going on right now for me are the Cassini probe's mission at Saturn and NASA's Martian rovers.

Cassini is a real marvel - about the size of a bus flying round Saturn's small solar system. And the most exciting part of the mission has been Titan that Cassini keeps flying past. Nip over to JPL web page to look at some of the great photos, videos and reports they do.

And of course tomorrow is the probe's next flyby of Titan. All the science and engineering may be high powered, but the folks at JPL and NASA are making great efforts to share the excitement and wonder with us all !

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