Sunday, April 22, 2007

England loses the will to live

So a third of graduate women can now be expected to have no children and some of the remainder will have only one.

If this is true and there is any relation between who your parents are and you're abilities and latter educational achievement then England will effectively die inside of 2 generations.

This is a massive crisis.

If you think the English people should have a future then action is required here by government as a matter of urgency.

We must stop stealing the rest of the worlds sons and daughters (immigration) and start having more of our own.


Anonymous said...

Would you agree that we are going through a phase of 'soft Islamisation' right across europe, not necessarily by design, but simply because our falling birth rates will make it so.

suggested reading

Man in a Shed said...

IanP - thanks. Both articles 1 & 2 in part argue different possible futures. I'm afraid I think the Brussels Journal is closer to the truth.

My point is that action now could prevent a lot of problems latter.

At a Christmas party 4-5 years ago I was talking to a civil servant and he was arguing that we had to have immigration, because of the fally birth rate. He looked genuinely shocked when I suggested to him that perhaps somethign should be done about the birth rate.

In France population decline has been slown down by family friendly policies.

In Britain the socialists continue to argue their middle class fantasies about single parents - and refuse to take measures that might help. What they forget is they are sowing the wind with this neglect.

In seventy years time our great grandchildren will wonder why we did nothing and curse us.

just a bit of common sense now could save a lot of pain in the future.

Caroline Hunt said...

While I see your point Man in a Shed I find you on very worrying ground. As a graduate woman myself I am eternalyl grateful to the generations of women who cam before me who made it possible for me to live without a man, and with a job and to not have to have children.

I hope you're not suggesting that I am being immoral or unpatriotic by not wanting to have children.

Man in a Shed said...

Caroline - I think the point is that there won't be generations of graduate women in the future, at least not English, if things stay as they are now.

Blame doesn't come into it - its the mathematics of the situation.

Ultimately the Earth and England will be populated by those who are willing to have children.

Is it immoral not to have children - that perhaps depends on your belief system. Its is certainly patriotic to have them. The thing is it wouldn't take too much for the government to help encourage the birth rate back to replacement levels - the French have achieved this over the last few years. ( Do you remember the BBC Comedy 2.4 children ? 1.6 Children is just to depressing to laugh about. )

I'm not suggesting having children from duty, yet, but we could perhaps help those who want to have them to have more. And that needs to specifically include Women graduates. What will the impact be in 100 years if only non-graduate women breed ?

I don't say any of this lightly. I married in my thirties and my wife - who is a few years older than me - had our last child when she was 39 ( we have 2). The burden of children is massive - its changed and probably sunk my career. (But I would be misleading if I didn't point out the great joys of parenthood also.)

But we can either speak the truth to each other or decide to tell each other little white lies until English civilisation is dead.

I know how unpopular what I'm saying is. No doubt any man or woman saying this in their twenties can expect a massive tongue lashing and perhaps even social isolation. It is however still true.

Its simple mathematics.

I don't mean to offend - more than is necessary. The question should really be why is pointing out a clear truth so difficult ?

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Carol can be accused of being either immoral or unpatriotic on the basis of what she admits.
Self centred though, very self centred. A typical post Thatcher tory female.

Man in a Shed said...

Going to disagree with you here Buster. I think Caroline is being just normal. None of had any guarantee of getting married - even if we wanted to. ( In my case its just blind luck.) I imagine I might feel the same in her position.

Having read her blog and watched her speak on 18DS I think she's a fine person and almost certainly smarter than I am. I rather like Thatcherite women !

But I'm not doing empathy here - but trying to have a frank discussion of cold and inconvenient facts.

Anonymous said...

This is a too sexist. Has anyone counted the proportion of graduate men having children? Our genes are provided by both parents, so if you're going to imagine a 'parenthood duty' for female graduates you'd better include male graduates in that too

Man in a Shed said...

Anon - I do. But there was an intresting article by Boris Jonson on this subject worth a browse here - have a read.