Monday, March 19, 2007

It seems there are too many Junior Doctors

I've been following this crunch of too many Junior Doctors chasing too few jobs, with an inept IT applications procedure meaning that able candidates are not even getting interviews.

And I have mixed feelings as;

1) This happens to people who aren't employed by the Soviet NHS. Even professionals just get the luck of the draw. Man in a Shed is a Chemical Engineer - times are good right now for our employment - but in 2-3 years time they will be terrible. Its part of the cycle. Doctors just come over as a bit too precious right now. Especially as they earn far more money than Man in a Shed can ever hope to earn working for a company - sometimes in quite hazardous jobs.

2) The sort of people who are junior Doctors have worked hard - very hard. On the understanding they were wanted. There's a real element of betrayal here.

3) I don't believe they do it for the money - but you never hear of any of them suggesting pay cuts to make the employment of medics more affordable by people like myself whom will never earn as much as they will.

4) I'd like to be treated by a Doctor and not a cheap Nurse Practitioner. Part of the reason this is not likely to happen is how much Doctor's are paid.

5) Centrally planned systems are crap. Ask the Russians. Why does anyone think planning the NHS and Doctors careers from the centre makes sense ?

6) Once you are qualified as a GP or other speciality you have your choice of locations to work in. That's not true for many of the rest of us. I'm jealous.

7) Since supply outstrips demand for doctors - will the salaries fall ? ( Hint they do in the private sector ).

8) Surely there are too many Doctors - with 30k chasing 22k posts. Isn't the truth that the appointments screening scandal covers the fact that 8k have no hope of getting the posts they want ?

Man in a Shed is not without sympathy - both his parents were medical doctors, one a GP. He's approaching 40 with alarming speed and expects to make much more use of the skills of todays young medics in the future !

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