Saturday, November 25, 2006

Imagine ...

... that Gordon Brown becomes Labour leader and for Gorbals Mick's sake let me add prime minister. But at the same time the SNP wins the Scottish devolved election and starts to negotiate for independence !

That leaves the Dour one in the same position as Gorbachove to Alex Salmond's Yeltsin.

Its not difficult if you try.....

PS I'll be back on Scottish independence shortly.

Further: Everyone has been thinking the big battle will be between Brown and Cameron for the future of Britain, but perhaps its really going to be between Brown and Salmond for Scotland !


Anonymous said...

It's amusing up to a point. But when independence comes, it is very likely that a Scot will lead the negotiations for England. How likely will that Scot be to consider such issues as:

1. Dividing the national debt equably (the Scots expect to walk away from the UK's national debt scot-free).
2. The position of Scotland in the EU. The Scots expect to remain members, but if they leave the UK they should reapply (and the New UK should veto the application so that the Scottish flea does not just get to jump from one dog to another).
3. Oil: maritimime borders between contiguous nations run out to sea along a line equidistant at all points from the nearest point on each nation's shore. Try it with the Scotland/England border. It was never (for the most part) "Scotland's Oil". When they try to finesse point 1 above by saying we took the benefit of their oil, this will be important
4. Rights of residence for all those in England who wrote "Scottish" on their census form. Because of the false assumption at (2) above, Scots have not thought of this. They should be rounded up and deported to their newly-independent nation.

Will Gordon or John or for that matter David or any other of the carpet-bagging Scots who rule us "speak for England" in the negotiations? We have been raped for 300 years and the agony is not over yet.

Man in a Shed said...

Some good points there Tom. I hope that senior English civil servants would refuse to play along with any asset stripping.

On North Sea oil I've blogged about this before (in comments), pointing out that a sizeable part of the central North Sea falls into English waters. Scottish law has pervailed as it was administratively convenient. This is why the SNP keeps getting worked up about Berwick-upon-Tweed, they hope to get the land - so as to grab more cash in the North Sea.

Of course all this can be stopped if all potential Scottish citizens ( including the 2 million living down here ) get to vote.