Sunday, November 26, 2006

BBC doesn't report unhappiness with the Union

The BBC must be in caught in the headlights of the constitutional balls-up that NuLabour ignited 9 years ago. This is possibly the start of one of the biggest news stories in the UK for 300 years, but the BBC ignores it.

John Major knew what he was talking about when he said their were 24 hrs to save the Union. The BBC whose very existence is under threat won't even on its front page the headlines that the majority of the English and Scots want Scotland independent.

Personally I think the divorce argument is over done - but this has been brought about by insufferable arrogance and crass stupidity by NuLabour and the Lib Dems.

Unless the discrimination against English people in the constitution and treasury settlement is solved then break up will come, and at least two of the main political parties won't survive it.

Spot the missing headline below ( see article in the Daily Telegraph here - spotted via Iain Dale's post ).

A similar page was on for the main (UK-Edition landing page ).

It doesn't even make the politics page headlines ( maybe its hidden away somewhere, but I can't see it ). The important news is Blair's triangulation about slavery - when his actions and misjudgment are directly leading to the break up of the country he's prime minister of.

Bias - its blatant. ( Blatant Bias Corporation .... )

(Note screen shots taken around 8:30-9pm 26Nov06).


Anonymous said...

The BBC had a forum open for approx. 24 hours on the subject (Have Your Say). Most of the posters were Scots and the debate was closed in time for monday morning!

Man in a Shed said...

Anon - you wouldn't perhaps remeber how you accessed that discussion ? If it was only throught he BBC's Scottish site then that would be quite serious.

wonkotsane said...

The story was only on the Scottish politics page. I never noticed the Have your say.