Tuesday, October 31, 2006

WebSalmond: Alex Salmond goes for Blair

Oddly the most amusing thing about all this is how its the SNP and PC who are making Parliament work for the whole UK. (Ok the most amusing part is Alex Salmond eyebrow movement at the end !) I think Alex is aware of this as he's talking, you can hear himself trying to get to make up his mind whether to call it the UK Parliament or not !

Still politicians communicating direct - which is good.

I've thought for a while that the SNP has the right idea on impeaching Blair. Iain Dale thinks that will help the Labour whips - but maybe Labour MP's would rather Blair was banged up for war crimes, rather than loans for peerages ?

PS I believe it was a SNP/Conservative no confidence vote that brought down the last Labour government. Too much to hope for again I suppose.

It was too much to hope for ...


Anonymous said...

Yes, this was a great moment for those MPs from Scotland and Wales who fought our corner on this. Isn't Blair lucky to get away with what he does, yet again!

Reactionary Snob said...

Damned Nats... this will only lead to more English people resenting the Celtic nationalists as it will look to many English types that the Celts are trying to dictate.

Salmond is a clever-clever arse - I would gladly take him in on in a head-to-head, a head-head-head I'd expect to win.


Man in a Shed said...

RS that might have been the case say 20 years ago, but these days its Non-English Unionist politicians (all three major parties and David Trimble) explaining why England doesn't need a voice or a parliament that wind people up South of the Boarder.

The West Lothian Question has to be answered soon - or the alternative will be Alex Salmond as your first PM.

Until very recently, Scots were held in very high regard in England - in many ways even admired. But injustice and naked pork barrel politics (Barnett Formula etc ) and episodes of Newsnight are damaging that esteem.

Alex Slamond may be having some short term success north of the border right now, but the real damage to the Union is being done by Scottish Labour and Liberal Democrats – and the odd Tory. Devolution is becoming the cancer of the Union - as John Major foretold.

(I also personally cornered a Chruch of Scotland minister for church in London just before Devolution - he told me I was wrong. I wonder if he still holds that opinion ?)