Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What kind of a party has to elect a deputy leader separately anyway ?

The answer is - a party that won't trust its leadership ( whom ever it is ). A party that is structurally unfit for government.

In almost any role a deputy should get along with and support the principal post holder. Electing that position ensures that is hardly likely to be the case.

Blair was lucky to have John Prescott - but not for the reasons Mr Prescott probably thinks.

The next leader of the comrades will not be so lucky. ( Unless Harriet Harman gets in - after all she was removed from her ministerial position in the early days of the NuLabour government. )


Average guy on the street said...

I think it should be like we had at school - the person with the most number of votes became the from captain and the person with the next most number of votes became the deputy. Substitute "form captain" for "prime minister/leader of Labour party" and you're sorted.

Man in a Shed said...

The problem is when you have a leader and deputy with different aims and beliefs. the Americans found this out when early in their independant history ( about 50% of the way through European North American history ) they had the loser in the race to be US president as vice president.

The eventually changed the system.