Monday, August 07, 2006

West wing challenge

Following on Iain Dale -> I came out as ... where there no Repulicans available ?

Ahh, the ever-cynical and sarcastic speechwriter. Gutsy and not afraid to speak up or clash with authority, his dry wit is amusing. But under it all he's just a big teddy bear... and the world's biggest Yankees fan.

:: Which West Wing character are you? ::


The Daily Pundit said...

Man In A Shed, thanks for the link. Never watched West Wing. But never miss Bad Girls.

Man in a Shed said...

UK Daily Pundit - no problem - happy to recommend you site as an interesting blog.

The West Wing is addictive - so perhaps better not to start. I'm porbably going to have to buy the first 6 series on DVD to feed my addiction - and thats going to cost !