Monday, August 07, 2006

They're at it again - and the BBC is their customer

Drinking from Home has done a little detective work - showing the Hezbollah footlights company out and about in Lebanon - this time its a Woman wailing. Bias BBC has this story too.

The BBC updates its image once it realises its been had - but no apology or disclaimer yet.

Surely now they are going to have to question what they are being spoon fed by one side in this war ? ( Don't get me wrong I believe there is real suffering and terrible tradegy going on in Lebanon and Northern Israel right now. I wish it would stop - but the spinning of the suffereing is something organisations like the BBC should be able to spot and stop. )

(Reuters seem to be good Hezbollah customers - see here ).

Update: Drinking from home gets spotted by the BBC. See their blog explaination of how photos get used and their story on the withdrawl of very upset women infront of many different houses that Drinkg from home was pointing out.


I shoudl also point out that the BBC denies using Reuters photos. So perhaps they use AP - they're still in denial.

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Anonymous said...

Good Man! Its not just the BBC thats hates Israel. Two stations in Australia, both taxpayer funded spew out their hated 24 hours a day, both on TV and Radio.One is the Australian ABC and the other SBS (an ethnic station run by Hezzy supporters) It has to be seen too be believed how far they go. They reported the Qana scam as fact. They use all the Hezzy media handouts and love doctored photos. I am told if a photo has'nt been faked they refuse to use them. They jump for joy every time an Israel dies. SBS hands out sweets ,terrorist style, at every Israel casualty. Along with numerous European media and strangely most of the US outlets the said media are all living in a lavatory pan these days. Odd to say, they never reply to anyones complaints. One very important thing is the reporting of Lebanon dead, they are always 'civilians'? THEY are NOT, they are ALL Hezbollah supporters what ever age they are. I am waiting with bated breath to see or hear about the first Hezbollah terrorist reported killed. I think Hezbollah has are their propaganda idol a short club-footed man called Jozef G, passed away early May 1945. His doctrine lives on through. The bigger the lie the better to be believed.
A footnote; North Korea has leased for 50+ years Gulags in Siberia from the Russians, including the Russia of today. Thousans of square kilometres of Siberian wasteland. No one sent there by the screwballs that run that woefull country and crosses Kim and his lunatic friends ever returns. So why not tell the UN the only solution is to take the unconditional surrender of Hezbollah/Hamas and ship the lot of them to a new UN Gulag located in Siberia and turn them all into timber fellers. One way tickets ONLY! Oh! Yes! and the Media too!