Thursday, August 17, 2006

MPAC witch hunts - campaign against Islamo-thought crime

This is best reported else where - but in short MPAC are trying to define an offence of Islamophobia and to stop anyone from making any comments or jokes. The issue here is the Lefty Lexicon at Conservative home.

The aim is of course to prevent free speech. Will Orange stand up to them. ( I have a little sympathy with Orange as a PR officer should know better than to court controversy. But I'm more worried about the precident that will be set.)

MPAC are busy trying to make sure no more cats get out of the Islamofascist bag with another Panorama broadcast - see here. They wish to prevent a diversity of views - their viewpoint can be calibrated by their belief that the BBC is pro-Israeli !

See this extract from their article ( my comments in red ).

What you can do?

All you have to do is send a quick email to the BBC. No more than a paragraph, and to make it even easier there are bullet points below summarising the points against this documentary. Read through them and the contact details follow.

  • Demand that Panorama team reconsider their choice of journalist for a documentary on Interpal and that the programme show the true work of Interpal in Palestine and the suffering and oppression of the Palestinian people. (ie censure what the report produces - the MPAC way )

  • Surely a journalist such as John Ware, who is notorious as a pro-Israeli Islamophobe (this is just Anglophobic racism - see I can play this game too), cannot be expected to cover this subject with the "accuracy and impartiality" to which the BBC are bound by the Royal Charter(more honoured in the breach for proMuslim bias and institutional left wing viewpoint IMHO), or to fulfill the BBC's commitment to contribute to "a more inclusive society" (BBC: Building Public Value document).

  • Allowing Ware to abuse his position in the BBC to pursue an Islamophobic witch-hunt at the license-fee payer's expense will destroy Panorama's credibility and good name and shatter Muslim confidence in the BBC.( So whats to be done with Orla Guerin then on the same basis ?)

Here is a summary of John Ware's Islamophobia:( Now it gets really interesting)

  • John Ware's documentary on another Muslim pro-Palestinian organisation the Muslim Council of Britain was widely condemned for John Ware's Islamophobic, pro-Israel bias and received over 600 complaints. (Proving what ? - this isn't proof of anything. You claim 60k members - so one in a hundred could be bothered to write in. Maybe the others were just wondering in Mr Ware telling at least some of the truth. )

  • John Ware's bias is evidenced by the great praise heaped upon him from individuals and groups renowned for their pro-Israeli, Islamophobic positions, such as Daniel Pipes and Harry's Place. (Again - this doesn't mean he wasn't objective and correct)

  • Ware allegedly openly stated to a Muslim group that this is the start of 'a new cold war.'(Sounds rather familiar from lots of other reports. If his report is close to the truth then this statement would be true also. The actions of MPAC in trying to censure this journalist are the only evidence here - and it supports his statement on a cold war. )

Frankly these rantings from MPAC are just depressing. They show that they just don't do rational thought ( at least not in the extract I've just being dealing with ).

If you don't like MPAC censorship campaign then you can email panorama here to suggest MPAC be ignored in their campaign against John Ware.

Also email Orange to suggest they don't cave here

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ContraTory said...

Isn't, "they just don't do rational thought" the defining difference between the liberal, open-minded values of the West and those of "Islamic" fundamentalists/fascists?

Man in a Shed said...

That's certainly what I'm afraid of. Especially as rational negotiation is the central strategy of the secular left for dealing with our current troubles. They of course also gave us multi-culturalism.

I'm still looking for some type of self criticism or self appraisal by muslims. The MPAC extract I quote just shows an inability to string an argument together, its just shouting.

Although what I write may sound alarmist - I'm still trying to allow room to be pleasantly surprised.

But what if Islam, rather than just Islamofascism, really is the problem ? ( Its a question most of don't even want to think about because of the consequences. I don't believe our society would be able to deal with the fall out. )