Friday, August 11, 2006

Islamofascist ? (Islamic Fascist)

George Bush called the people who are trying to kill large numbers of their own citizens Islamofascists. Sounds spot on to me. The Arch Bishop of York was on the radio this morning telling use we should not use such terms (the language of the Texas ranch - to non stereo typing Arch Bishop said), but try to understand those involved in such plots and how they have been manipulated to such acts of evil by others.

Fascism seemed to have that effect in Germany - the way the organisations try to take over the whole state looks a lot like the National Socialist Party to me.

To my mind Islamofascism sums up the challenge we face nicely. We need to recognise the element that Islam plays in the terrorist movements such as Al Q, Hamas and Hezbollah. But they aren't Islam as many Muslims try to explain it to us. So a qualifier is needed, to protect those innocent people, and given their attitude to authority and brutal disregard for others fascism seems to fit well. They certainly look like fascists to me.

Not sure the Arch Bishop should be type casting Texan ranch owners though.

Update: I Believe the actual words used by George Bush were Islamic Facist. Biased BBC has an interesting article on the BBC trying to avoid those words. So the BBC and the Arch Bishop of York are desperate to suppress them eh ? Must be worth using then. I think the key thing here is they summarise and communicate the threat and nature of our new deadly enemy succinctly- so the BBC won't like that then.

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