Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hoon wants EU indoctrination in schools

Geoff Hoon apparently wants schools to teach about the benefits of EU membership in schools - along with the other citizenship agenda. The problem with this is the EU is a political body - many disagree with it and don't want their children being brainwashed on the subject.

My little girl (5) already comes home to denounce the hole in the ozone layer. And I know inoculating her against state socialism is going to be a real parental challenge. I don't want to add the EU to the list of things I have to keep her mind open on.

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Sir-C4' said...

I wish someone within the Conservative shadow cabinet would publicly call for this country's independence from this Nazi-inspired Evil Empire in the making that is the EU. I wish that someone would also counter the lies that independence from EU control would cause unemployment.