Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hezbollah more likely to kill Arabs than Jews in North Israel

The BBC headline just now is :

Hezbollah fighters have launched more than 230 rockets from Lebanon, the biggest single-day barrage since the conflict began, Israeli officials say.

One person was killed and dozens injured as some rockets landed up to 70km inside Israel, the deepest so far.

Now I hadn't realised that about 50% of the population in Northern Israel are Arab. Listening to a report on BBC Radio 4 this afternoon from an Arab in Northern Israel he said that they could only sometimes hear the warning siren in the neighboring Jewish town and most of the Arabs had stayed in the area, unlike the Jewish population that had moved further south.

So the most likely victim, or most plentiful target, of the 230 Hezbollah rockets today are Arab Muslims. ( Most of the Christian Arab population has emigrated some years ago ).

But the Arab world doesn't seem to care as far as I can see. ( If you know better post links in the comments section please. )

Update: See the Big Pharaoh here and a cartoon from his web site and I guess

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