Friday, August 11, 2006

EU Referendum goes to war with Kathleen Carroll of AP

Richard North (of EU Referendum) is going for the jugular with Kathleen Carroll of AP with this post. He's angry as AP haven't taken Reuters open line of admitting their mistake. He also reports on further evidence from German sources showing even more directly the stagting of the 'event' and a video from you tube on Qana.

He's doing us all a service here - keeping on at the media contrived deceit over Qana. See Zapp's video footage below - be warned the film shows the dead body of a young boy which you should find distressing - I did, he looks much like my son. (Hat tip to EU Referendum here).

I just hope some of the wilder rumours about that incident aren't true (I've avoided links to them as I can't judge if they have any truth or not - but the MSM should have been interested in them ).

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