Thursday, August 03, 2006

BBC Newsnight misses some of the points on Qana

BBC's Newsnight covered this tonight - there web site is here .. but you need to see their report available for 24hrs in the UK at least here to see what they are saying - at least the link works right now, can't say for how much longer. Its about 34 minutes in if you don't have time to watch the whole thing. EU Referendum blog gets on screen but no mention of their argument - but not credit or mention of Blogs ( its referred to as internet rumour - sore point eh ? ).

The changes in Israeli timing are contrasted with a human rights NGO type. The BBC also admits that the number of dead are about half originally reported. However one of the key points on the rescue event being staged and the strange activities of the Green Helmet guy is missed. Its not like they were unaware of the argument as they have a screen shot of the EU referendum blog that makes the case, ( See EU referendum for the story here ).

Maybe Newsnight don't like taking their direction from 'the internet' (is the word blogs banned on Newsnight now ? David Mason does invite local (to rockets and bombs that is) bloggers to contact him here ). But there is a real question an moral issue of media cooperating in manipulation and propaganda with terrorists and BBC's Newsnight fluffed it totally on Wednesday night.

In fairness to them their discussion with a panel of muslims was much more interesting - "where is the moderate muslim voice" asked a number of times, but never answered to any satisfaction - quite. ( BBC Panorama last Sunday was more of a revelation on this - more on that latter. )

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