Thursday, July 06, 2006

What if Euan Blair was extradited to the US without evidence ?

The Labour government is failing in it most basic duty to protect British subjects from the unjustified actions of foreign governments. If they can't do this then they should resign and let leaders who will protect British people take office.

How would Blair feel if Euan Blair was extradited - without a case having to be made in a British court ?

Boris Johnson ( the MP of one of the NatWest3 ) has an excellent article, again, here.

I've posted before on this here and here - remember its not just the US that can do this - it also applies under different arrangements in much of Europe.

Are you happy to have family, friends or even yourself extradited by foreign governments without that extradition being justified ? If not then vote this failed, weak, incompetent government out of office when you get the chance.


Anonymous said...

In complete agreement here!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to badger people about this case but would they please look at the facts of the case before making their judgement. After this I promise never to write about this case again & to bow to the majority. But I will give it one more try, and maybe if I use an analogy it would make things easier.

Imagine that a man inherits a beach house in the Caymen Islands and he decides to sell it. He also decides to ask his son & daughter to help. The son has the house valued and tells the old man it is worth 1 million pounds.(Not the true value but close to it) The father accepts his sons advice and agrees to sell. Next the son & daughter secretly buy the house and in conjunction with estate agents in Texas try and sell it to an American couple for 15 million pounds. They, along with the agents in Texas, provide false documents to back-up this value. The American family agree to the purchase and wire the money, at which point the conspirators split up the money and go their separate ways. Now at no point in this process did the son & daughter leave the UK. Everything was done by fax/email and electronic transfer. Now who do you think has the greater grievance? The father, the American family or the son & daughter!

If after this you still think the NatWest 3 are totally innocent then you are an idiot. I am sorry but you are!. If on the other hand you think that they have a case to answer but due to the technicality that America has yet to ratified their end of the treaty, they should be released immediately then I bow to your greater sense of natural justice. I do ask you to do one thing for me. Next time an Afgan hijacker is set free due to a clerical mistake at the Home Office, or a child pornographer walks because the wrong date was placed on a search warrant, or a police murderer skips bail and leaves the country, I want you to go to your local, buy a pint of their finest and toast the great British legal system with its loopholes & technicalities which have so enriched our lawyers and criminals. Apologies if I don't join you, I suspect the taste of that pint would turn my stomach.

Man in a Shed said...

Anon - I have no idea if they are innocent or not. What I object to is extraditing British Subjects on just the say so of a a foreign government, with no test of their case in a British court. (This opinion doesn't really change if the US passed their version of the treaty - which won't be symmetrical anyway. I think that issue is just a red herring.)

The law sets the guilty free on many occasionas, and has punished the innocent on more than any of us would like. But it is a system of justice. The new extradition arrangements mean there is no British justice for British subjects that the foreign power wants to extradite.

That is wrong and it is a disgrace. (I suspect that as NuLabour sees a class warfare angle here in the NatWest3 case - get white collar crime etc - they have been slow to pick up on the underlying principle.)