Monday, July 31, 2006

Israel uses human shields (if)

Now if that was the headline you can be sure the BBC would go with it. However it takes the Australians to report on what's going on showing photos of Hezbollah operating in residential areas.

It is noticeable that reporters catching the anger in Lebanon never ask if Hezbollah operatives have fired rockets from near by Israeli strikes. (I don't blame them perhaps as they need to think of their personal safety.) Perhaps the more general question should be asked:

Do you approve of Hezbollah using civilian human shields ?

Before anyone asks me I don't approve. The death of any people, especially civilians is tragic. The death of children is especially saddening. But if we make human shields the ultimate weapon in asymmetric war by our attitudes then we can expect them to be used* again and again. ( Just like when you start paying ransoms or giving in to black mail. )

Israel may have done something terrible in Qana, there is a doubt about events timingand some evidence of stage managing the event ((previously I had said something harsher here about Israel - but I'm starting to wonder if I've been taken in by a propoganda coup )). But the trap was set by Hezbollah who are weeping crocodile tears.
*Note by used I mean also manufactured - civilians will be forced into potential target areas to create the impact that the terrorists so crave.

Update: Some doubt is now emerging on Qana - see this post from Michelle Malkin. Have we all been taken in ?

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