Friday, July 14, 2006

Is Norman Baker the real Fox Mulder ? (ans = nope, but he might be right anyway)

The Scotsman reports that Norman Baker claims his computer may have been wiped remotely. He says it contained medical evidence on why Dr David Kelly's death could not have been suicide.

The MP told the BBC: "What my investigations to date have demonstrated is that there are significant medical doubts from professional medical people about the alleged cause of death. "

Now Norman - I'm ready to be convinced on the medical front. I find the end of David Kelly as explained by suicide unconvincing. But blaming the remote wiping of files of your computer is a bit much. If you really had something that important on your computer you should have backed it up - lots of times ( don't you watch 24 ? ). Much more likely you just had a computer virus. Anyway there are plenty of professional data recovery firms you could turn to. The only way to really get rid of data of a hard disk is to grind it into dust. (Lord Levy take note. )

But I believe this will return to haunt the members of the Blair NuLabour administration. Just try to remember how Blair looked when he first heard the news ....


Anonymous said...

How can you say that your ready to believe that Dr Kelly was murdered but that his murderers would not have the capacity to delete files on someones hard drive!?

Man in a Shed said...

I don't think it impossible. A virus might be the way of doing it. But by far the most likely explanation is either a coincidence of a virus infection or human error.

If your dealing in information that critical and sensitive then you should have appropriate back-up procedures.