Tuesday, July 25, 2006

By 2014 departure immigration checks ! Why so long ?

John Reid is busy giving the Home Office a new coat of paint. New uniforms etc.

Well he has to. By why wait to 2014 for departure checks and controls ?

Maybe its to avoid the full scale of the immigration disaster being realised by the public before Dr Reid draws his fat public sector pension ?

The words bloody disgrace seem apt.

David Davis is reported by the BBC saying the following:

Mr Davis said he had sat opposite three home secretaries and each one "has talked tougher than the one before".

He accused Mr Reid of announcing "yet another restructuring of the IND".

"This is nothing new - we have been here before," he said.

"I've listened time after time to talk of crackdowns, consultations, initiatives, action plans on areas from bogus language schools to sham marriages and still we're faced with the current shambles.

"The government cannot cope with its own past. The serious problems faced by the IND aren't going to be solved by yet another re-shuffling of the deck."


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