Sunday, July 23, 2006

Blair hangs on - but for what ?

The business of John Prescott just goes to show how the government of the country is now run for the interests of one man alone - Tony Blair. I used to say that he couldn't separate the interests of party and country - thinking them one and the same ( as many NuLabour followers seemed to do after 1997 - come on - its us the good guys ).

However I suspect Conservative Central Office have group payer times for the continuation of John Prescott in 'office'. He provides the sort of message that money ( if the party had any ) can't buy.

Why is he still there - only as his going would hurt Tony Blair. But why does Blair hold on ?

My theory is that he personally has little choice. He has the tiger by the tail and daren't let go. If Loans for peerages doesn't get him, party funding irregularities might. By my personal favourite is that I think we could all yet see Blair in the Hague on war crime charges. There's something hidden that we don't know about that explains why Blair is defying the logic of his position and clinging to office. Some day, soon, we may learn what. Perhaps John Prescott knows ....


I have always been spocked by the look on Tony Blairs face on his middle east trip ofter the announcement of the death of Dr Kelly.

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