Wednesday, July 12, 2006

BBC report Lord Levy arrested !!!

Lord arrested! See breaking news can come from the MSM after all !

What will Guido say ? :-) Ah of course he's here first .... looks like the BBC got there first with the event - but not the prediction.

So who's next eh ? ( I daren't even say who I'm hoping for .... )

Update: The artcile quotes Nick Robinson as follows (highlighting mine )

BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson said the arrest was "deeply damaging for Tony Blair" because Lord Levy is a particular friend of the prime minister.

He said the fate of Lord Levy and Mr Blair was "intertwined". "It doesn't get much more serious than this," he said.

Maybe this is why Nick was doing his Cameron mick taking on his blog (I point you to Ted's comment just in case he wasn't ), to store up enough 'balance' to sock it to Blair when the real ammunition becomes avialable. - its just a thought, well more of a hope really-.

Update: Nick is pointing this issue as being about getting in his blog- as opposed to justice. Not the line I would take even though its the outcome I would hope for.

Further Update: Great quote from Alex Salmond - "if Lord Levy had been wanted by the American police he's have been extradited by now" - Newsnight 22:51 12Jul06.

Yet more Update:
Guido outlines his case for the slower members of the MSM and dead tree press here...


Ellee Seymour said...

I think the writing was on the wall. Will Guido and Iain get the blame for this too?

Man in a Shed said...

I think Iain and Guido are going to be prime targets for the NuLabour media machine, and we know what that could mean. Lets hope we can stick together and prevent any bullying.

However - it seems NuLabour have a few problems of their own right now :-) .