Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What's up with Blair ?

He's campaigning - when not on holiday. He should be the last person who needs to, especially when there a lot of administration and leadership tasks sitting in his in tray. What makes me think this ? Well I've seen his picture in 3 publications where it would be unusual.

1) Local paper in Rayleigh, Essex. Castle point MP trying to save his seat by getting funding for local children's hospice ( grinning TB in photo ).
2) The Evening Echo ( local paper of SE Essex) had a full page spread on Southend Hospital becoming a trust - plus personal letter from TB and the obligatory grinning photo.
3) Even The Chemical Engineer this week has a grinning Tony Blair in it.

This sort of publicity has to be an organised campaign. Plus we have Blair giving an audience to the Pope and making campaigning speeches on crime and public services.

So what's up ? He is one of the few Labour politicians who should be doing all this - as the cult of his personality is of no use to Labour at the next general election .... or is it ?

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