Tuesday, June 20, 2006

West Lothian Question on radio 4 - hear Scots MPs complain about why the English don't need representation.

Update: Check out the World at One (Radio 4 Tues 20th June 2006) on the West Lothian Question about 12 mins 30 secs in for a discussion on this.

Note the number of Scots of all parties, with the honourable exception of Tam Dalyell, who come on to say why no English parliament is needed. What more proof do you need. They have made their bed with the half backed Scottish devolution – now it's time the lie in it ! The pathetic and desperate nature of the objections speak for themselves ....

Ploys used include:

  • There are a lot of English MP's anyway

  • There would need to be an English executive ( duh - yes of course there would - Conservative party take note )

  • When voting on English bills Scots MPs are indirectly controlling their giro cheques to be sent North of the boarder ( after all money wasted on the English can't be spent on the Scots can it ? )

  • England didn't want regional devolution - so should get nothing

  • The London Assembly is equivalent to the Scottish Parliament.

And many more disgraceful misuses of logic in the name of protecting their interests ....

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