Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Possible plays for Gordon Brown and the English Question

The Scottish tax and spend socialist must be thinking of a few tricks to help defuse the rise in English identity and the realisation of how badly the English citizens of Britain are treated, before it stops his political ambition.

Here are a few brief guesses at a few ploys the Dour One might wish to try and get away with:

If he's a little worried:
1) Announce a review into the Barnett formula - to report some time in the future – a long time hence.

Rather worried:
1) Announce review of Barnett formula - and adjust government funding to equal rates for equal need - but delay full implementation till 2010 or such whilst transitional arrangement are made.

1) As Rather Worried plus:
2) Stand for an English seat at the next election.

Most of this could only be announced after the next Scottish assembly elections - else Labour would be looking at 4th place.

Whatever happens you can be sure with Gordon that he's cooking the idea now and won't draw attention to the down side when he announces it - but rather leaving it till 3-4 days as the story goes cold for the down side to be found in small print which he didn't even announce ( if previous budgets are anything to go by ).

Perhaps the Scottish Labour party should expect a delivery of a knife between the shoulder blades some time after May next year. We will see ....


Lord Tebbit has the same idea for Brown on taking an English seat - see Tory Radio here ( its right at the end - but its a great interview anyway so why not listen through ).

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Toque said...

I doubt that he'd move to an English seat - that would be tantamount to admiting that the very basis of the union was flawed.

He'd be better just fixing the mess.