Thursday, June 15, 2006

Portillo on R4 Today on EPP

Michael Portillo is being wheeled out by BBC Radio 4 this lunch time to comment on the problem Dave Cameron is having with leaving the EPP. ( Is he becoming the new Michael Heseltine as the favoured route to undermine the Conservative party ? )

Is there a media campaign starting to stop Cameron ?

I'm waiting to listen to what is said:
The BBC line on this seems to be what does this tell us about David Cameron's leadership. Portillo calls the pledge to withdraw a mistake and damaging. He's saying DC can't be seen by Bush (Iraq war) European leaders (EPP). MP repeats that its an error and he should break his pledge. Describes the pledge as a moment of weakness by DC.

So its the usual Heseltine style full support then! The BBC will be pleased.

Major was right on Portillo. His judgment is highly suspect - I stopped holding him in any high regard after that SAS speech to the party conference - and I wasn't the only one-, and voted IDS in the leadership election accordingly.

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