Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mr J Hussain has a good point on Zarqawi

As a Christian there are a number of substantial points I would disagree with a Muslim on. But the existence of judgment after death is not one of them. The comments made by Z Hussain on the Daily Telegraph's web site on the news that Zarqawi like to read the Daily Telegraph and Guardian have us in close agreement. The difference would be in my understanding it is impossible to be certain of someone's judgment as we don't know their state of mind and for a Christian salvation is available up to the point of death, regardless of previous acts.

Mr Hussain's point is the one that should be repeated in Iraq and the Jihadi community. I think it is mostly likely true and also would be much more effective in reducing terrorism than a lot of the military measures in place in the world.

"Zarqawi unlike Bin Laden was not an American creation. I am glad he has met his maker. I as a Muslim can say that Zarqawi won't be enjoying his virgins in Paradise. He is no Martyr. Martyr does not blow up innocent civilians. Zarqawi will be burning in the Fire of Hell. In Islam, God does not let murderers and oppressors anywhere near His Beautiful and Eternal Heaven. God is never unjust to anyone. He gives prople what they deserve. Zarqawi deserves a very bad place. Posted by Z Hussain on June 9, 2006 7:57 PM

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