Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lib Dems caught staging stunt for Bromley

Check out this post from Jaj on Lib Dem activities in . It would be good to see this on the BBC news or even and have blogs providing the sort of feedback that would shine real light on their campaign.

Too much to hop for I guess.... Iain Dale's been keeping up with the Lib Dem campaign machine at it shameless best - and I've posted earlier on Lib Dem techniques.

They really do deserve to lose very badly. It perhaps too much to ask for - but if the voters of Bromley could see what Jaj has seen then perhaps it would happen.

Update: The result went the other way - Lib Dem negative campaigning apid off - at least int he short term with the conservtaive majority reduced to less than 700 votes. I hope that eventually the wider public will get to see the Lib Dems for the nasty vicious party they really are - but it wasn't to be last night. I've put a new post on my intial take on the results here .

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