Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It takes Frank Field to state what the majority of people are thinking.

Yesterday I was up late at night and ended up watching a parliamentary debate of BBC News 24. I saw Kate Hoey making an intervention and started to consider who the individual MP's I admired the most were. As it was late at night I only came up with 3 names:

Kate Hoey
Frank Field
Anne Cryer

Suddenly I realised they were all Labour MP's - so I'll have to think of a few Tory's soon. But thought I'd be honest and just blog my initial thoughts.

Why are these people on my list. Well they say what needs to be said and often talk with the authority that comes from common sense. ( Why are they in the Labour party ? )

Frank Field has done it again today with his comments on immigration. Most of us are scared stiff of being accused of racism. In my case an important number of my friends are from recent immigrant families and one of my best friends is here on asylum. But I can see that the current wave of mass migration to the UK must stop.

When I was at school we were taught the population of the UK was 54million , now its 60 million. The government has no idea who is here and cannot or will not control the change that is going on.

On a trip to Warrington a few years ago when I asked my taxi driver about a suspicious few individuals who appeared to have no grasp of English ( they gave a mobile phone to anyone they needed something from) he said he had a car like that every week, and so did the other drivers in his firm. They were driven to an address given to him on the mobile phone and they never saw any of them again. That just gives you an idea of the scale of illegal immigration.

You can see that mass illegal and mass legal migration are ongoing. We can see the clash of cultures going on as multiculturalism turns into separation and colonialism in some areas.

None of this is going to end well unless something is done to manage the process. I know of a reasonable person who has joined the BNP - I have tried to stop him,pointing out how ugly the BNP are, but he feels there is no alternative.

This is why what Frank Field is saying is so important and must be understood. Unfortunately the Conservative party is unlikely to do anything after the getting its policy so badly received at the last election and the other parties are chasing the immigrant vote - and do not fear losing other voters on this issue. It is in no major political party's interest to stop mass migration - but it is a major concern of the British people. Trouble is almost inevitable unless those responsible act now.

First we must be honest about what is really going on. Then we should debate where we want to get too. England has always had waves of immigration and it is probably desirable that it always will. It just needs to be debated and competently managed in a way we can all have faith in.


Good article in the Observer today on Frank Field - I never knew he used to be a member of the Conservative party ! ( How can we get him back ? )


ContraTory said...

Kate Hoey is one of those unfortunate MPs who are hated by local bloggers (in her case by Labour ones) and takes a lot of flak. Hence it is reasonable to conclude that she might be a wee bit Tory!
Frank Field has always been one of my favourite MPs.
I suspect that my "favourites" list is also slanted to Labour but only because I always notice someone on the "otherside" talking sense, whilst I simply expect it from "one of ours". Then again, it might be because I'm a bit of a commie, or so certain members of my old association seemed to have thought...

Snafu said...

Excellent post! I having nothing to add!