Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hazel keeps saying 'got rid of the Torys'

Hazel Blears (PM radio 4 c17:30) keeps talking about how Labour membership only went up to 'get rid of the Torys'. (Maybe she's stuck in a time warp in 1997, the warm safe place in NuLabour's mind before the ugly business of trying and failing to administer and lead a government.) It is now heading down - unlike the Conservative party ( up 16k since Dave took over).

Since the government doesn't listen to its party - oh yes it says it does, but we all know thats mostly untrue. Whats the point in belonging to that party ?

They are a failing John Reid would say - not fit for purpose - and no amount of Hazel doing her masters bidding is going to revive them.


wonkotsane said...

Yes but they're only failing because of the legacy the Tories left. They need more time to fix it because of the legacy the Tories left. The legacy the Tories left is to blame you know?

Toque said...

I agree - you've got to give them a chance. 10 years simply isn't long enough to get even one thing right that they inherited from the Tories.

It's all part of a twenty year plan.