Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Earth is about to lose a moon

According to NASA there has been a Asteroid circling the Earth for the last 7 years, but not actually in orbit. Its about to depart.

I found this on the old newsgroup news://sci.space.news . Which got me thinking about newsgroups and Blogs. When I first discovered the internet in 1993 news groups were almost what Blogs are today. A revolutionary way for people to get into contact with each other - an in one case with an American Physics society a revolution was actually organised as young physicists ousted the old guard from their organisation - possible for the first time as they could now talk to each other. ( Political parties take note ).

Unfortunately the history is newsgroups isn't all happy - they didn't scale well and suffered from abuse.

My favourite event with news groups was when I heard of the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 about 6 months before its collision with Jupiter and managed to download images as they came in from telescopes via Arizona's ftp site over a 2400baud modem via the university's computer system from my bedroom ( yes I know this makes me a geek). But it was really exciting to be ahead of the mainstream media. - a feeling that I think fuels Blogs too.

Anyway by by Asteroid 2003 YN107 - see you again in about 60 years. Though ,come to think of it, I'll be dead by then.

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