Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tonights The Apprentice (UK version) - no spoiler for last episode

So its Michelle(bottom left) vs Ruth(top left ) ( The Badger ). If you'd asked me a few weeks ago I would have been sure Ruth would win, but Michelle has hidden her talent. And perhaps key for her has developed a key link with Sir Alan Sugar - where as Ruth is still in the dog house for forcing Sir Alan to fire Sayed.

Michelle should on balance win - but I think she has Sayed in her group on tonights programme and I'm afraid that could be fatal. So I'd vote for Michelle - and not just for the reason Her in Doors thinks I'm thinking.

The Real fun is that Her in Doors is out tonight and will have to avoid finding out who wins until she can watch it again on Thurs - a near impossible task given she works in a hospital ...

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