Thursday, May 18, 2006

The new order approaches in Woking

The Woking Lib Dems have issued the below press release. They are almost certainly going to lead the new executive, after what was in specific locations a bad night for the conservatives - though our vote share was considerably up where I was canvassing.

I will be keeping a close eye on them - I 'm guessing the part of their statement I've underlined will be the true nature of their administration. Lib Dems are good at fighting other peoples decisions but it seems poor at making them - ie leadership ( as judged by the turn over of their councils in London ).

First up is likely to be the long term waste consultancy - lets see if Cllrs Smith and Goldenberg can do leadership or whether it will be eternal fiddling whilst the land fill sites fill ( aka consultation ). - this is being dealt with at Surrey CC level - but Woking had plans which had an impact on the local election - also it was in the Lib Dem manifesto to abolish Surrey CC - so they should have a view for what Woking should do ....

I'll keep you informed.


5.57.55pm BST (GMT +0100) Sat 6th May 2006

Joint statement by Woking Borough Council Liberal Democrat Group Leader Cllr Sue Smith and Deputy Leader Philip Goldenberg

"In a night of mixed results nationally, Woking's residents sent a clear message to Woking's politicians.

"With three Liberal Democrat gains from the Conservatives, and eight LibDem Councillors elected out of the 13 seats contested, Woking Liberal Democrats now have 18 out of the 36 Borough Council seats which, with the traditional neutrality of the Mayor, gives us effective control.

"Local residents have clearly voted for change, and it is our job to deliver that change. We promise to be open and consultative; to listen to what local residents are saying; and to put into effect policies to address the concerns of local residents which they clearly feel have been neglected by the Tory Executive which has run the Council in recent years."

At 18 seats, this is the largest Liberal Democrat Group since the present Ward structure of the Council was established in 2000.

At 15 seats, this is the smallest Conservative Group since 2000.

At 3 seats, this is the smallest Labour representation since 2000.

Mr Humfrey Malins MP was quoted in Tory leaflets saying that: "Across the country voters who had previously supported the Liberal Democrats are coming to join the Conservative Party." He should be asking himself why this statement is manifestly untrue in his own constituency.


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