Friday, May 26, 2006

Man in a Tent - Millets try to do the right thing

There's a family reunion coming up and this time its camping. Since the population explosion at Man in a Shed's brick residence the old 2 man tent is no longer adequate - hence I purchased a new tent online at Millets.

After 2 days I had received no email telling me it had been dispatched - and with the my usual paranoia ( also know as experience ) I contacted them to find out what was up.

It was as I had feared - the great offer on the tent I had selected was too great and they were out of stock. But the fellow I was talking to, Euan, came back with an email as he'd managed to locate the same items in a store in Aldershot and would I like to pick up from there also ( same price ).

No he didn't have to do that, but its saved our holidays that he did. Also at Aldershot another of Millets staff helped me to carry the rather heavy equipment for the half mile to where my car was parked. Again no obligation on him to be that helpful.

Conclusions: Millets staff are great people - who must also be encouraged by a good company. ( Not everything is perfect about their online operation - but their people react positively to sort problems and help customers ).

If only they ran a bank.

PS Millets have also removed the tent from their web site - perhaps given the stock situation that should have happened earlier - however they have managed to correct the situation.

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Ellee Seymour said...

I'd always wanted to do camping holidays as a kid, but it never happened.

I did have a great night once with my French class a few years ago when we went to see Victor Hug's Les Miserables performed in French in the grounds of a castle, complete with real horses too and all the villagers were given roles.

There was no room at the inn, so we camped on a site at the foot of the castle with a babbling stream, it was wonderful, I had a great night's sleep.

I have bought a tent for my sons and they use it to sleep in the garden with friends rather than trips.