Sunday, May 21, 2006

DT reports voters want Blair charged

This is over the votes for peerages scandal. I find this a little odd, but would of course enjoy the spectacle, as it has always been assumed that some form of trade of went into peerages.

Senior MP's were 'booted upstairs' to the Lords to make room for new MPs. It would equally be odd for parties not to nominate major supporters. In any event a calculation about what a candidate for peerage has done or can be expected to do ( in the house or outside it) must enter into any calculations by a party when nominating.

No don't send Blair to court for this one - send him for Iraq and the subsequent cover up instead ! Not sure what law may have been broken here - but I'm sure all those soon to be rebadged human rights ambulance chasers can come up with something. (In my view any prime minister who takes our country to war on the basis of 'trust me' and it turns out that what he claims isn't true should resign on the spot - if only to protect the standards of our democracy.) [ Let me declare my position her - I believed Blair on Iraq and supported the invasion on the basis of WMD. I was wrong to believe him, a lot of people died - and no one has taken responsibility ].

However I must tip my hat to the SNP for making all this possible. Along with Plaid's attempt to impeach Blair over the war. Could the Nationalists be making the best use of a parliament none of them really want to sit in ?

Personally I think Blair could in the end be sent to the Hague. This possibility may perhaps factor into the desire to serve a whole third term .... (Of course Jack Straw would go too - a great irony after the Pinochet mess which he presided over.)

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Ellee Seymour said...

I wonder if, and when, a serving Prime Minister has ever had to face a court over such charges. As Blair is married to a barrister and QC, he won't have to look far for advice.