Friday, March 10, 2006

Back Boris - before you too find yourself a guest of Uncle Sam

Never mind extraordinary renditions - what about the legal ones going on now ? If Her Majesty's Govt. can't protect her subjects from being wisked abroad, without evidence, then it no longer protects British sovereignty.

Boris Johnson is trying to get the ball rolling here - lets hope he has some success before some of us live to regret it.

On the more famous ongoing case I don't know if the guys from Nat West accused in relation to the Enron failure have a case to answer or not, but for an incident which occured in Britain, by British subjects, surely we can't extradite to the US. Isn't this common sense ?

PS As the Economist pointed out last week - you may think US jails are a frightening prospect - but remeber similar arrangements exist with the rest of Europe too ...

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