Monday, October 31, 2005

The Glasgow Herald's little Scots

No doubt this will upset some - but when is the Glasgow Herald and its correspondents going to grow up ?

Last week was full of whinging about preventing the good people of Scotland from having a British news programme ( with a call for the 'Scottish Six' ) and yet more complaints that some residents in Scotland travel through England to go on holiday rather than traveling in an alternative ferry from somewhere on the forth.

What's really sad about these dripping complaints is that they will probably have the impact they request as no one ( or the Herald doesn't publish them ) is willing to stand up to the little Scotlanders.

I used to live in Scotland as was always struck by the mindless acceptance of anything with the word Scot in front of it. For a country that gave so much to the world, and who's people traveled so widely in that world, to be so inward looking is shameful.

I believe its only a small minority that create the impression - but its the silence of the majority and the self serving Glasgow/Edinburgh media's bias that allows that voice to be heard unchallenged.

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