Saturday, October 12, 2019

The lie of the People's Vote

Next week the campaign to keep the people of the United Kingdom enslaved in the European Union will hold its next rally.

Many middle class people will attend, some my friends ( and they still will be afterwards ).

But I don't think many will be aware of what is going on or its potential consequences were the movement they have been liked to and co-opted into supporting succeeds.

Lets be clear - there can't be a second referendum that's fair.

This is why its the EU's favourite trick. They know that the people tire, and turnout drops, when their voting is futile. They know all those people who went to the polling station for the first time in 40 years, will lack the self confidence to go back.

Its worked in Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark - they think it will work here.

In 2016 those who wanted our country back had to deal with every main political party, except UKIP either tacitly supporting Remain or campaigning directly for it.

The BBC may have tried to give equal air time - something they have of course picked up a lot of stick for - but that didn't counter the decades of pro-Brussels propaganda - or for that matter the point that most BBC employees wanted remain.

Companies and foreign merchant banks funded the campaign and afterwards never used tax rules were used to punish those who funded Leave ( never remain ) and a whole series of vexatious and false investigations were launched to harass Leave supporters.

Since the referendum the key newspapers that supported Leave have mostly been taken over by Remain supporters ( Daily Mail - editor replaced with remain fanatic, Daily Express - purchased by the Mirror, the Standard - a vengeful George Osborn's new job ). Its like they were preparing to make sure if the EU punishment referendum came no one would be there to stand against them.

And then came the lawyers. The laws you thought applied - guess what they didn't. Always they were interpreted to favour remain. Article 50 - it turned out could be revoked ( even though everyone knew it couldn't before the referendum result )..

In politics a general election occurred where remain MPs lied about supporting their manifestos, then they betrayed their country by forcing through the surrender act. Indeed Lib Dem MEPs campaigned against any deal with a letter.

The speaker of the House of Commons overrode the advice he received and allowed rebels to take control of the parliamentary business, hardly bothering to conceal his own radical anti UK independence views.

Do you think anyone is going to accept another vote after this ?

How do you think those who think their country has been stolen from them by liars and oath breakers are going to respond ?

Do you think there will never be a govt elected that will just declare UDI and leave the EU without any negotiation ?

You are in denial, but more dangerously you are sowing the wind ...

Its quite clear this is just about power - if remainers actually believed their own arguments then the inevitable upset from leaving the EU would soon force our reapplication.

But its not that you fear is it ? Its shame, for everyone's sake, you lack the personal integrity to understand what you should fear.

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rapscallion said...

I will vote to Leave again should there ever be a second vote. despite the result of the first one not being implemented.

I will feel no shame whatsoever in voting to free this country from the despotic and anti-democratic EUSSR.