Thursday, May 18, 2017

This isn't going to go well

Oh dear, it seems Theresa May is really Ed Miliband in disguise. ( See "Conservative" manifesto for details. )

No wonder so much Conservative effort has been put into trying to kill UKIP off, they are trying to close the escape hatch for their principles free market, pro-freedom leaning membership.

I doubt it will work.

Also as Theresa heads left its worth remembering she's just blazing the trail for the even more left wing Labour govt that will one day replace the Conservatives.One day they will thank her for all the concessions and push further towards the socialist disaster they so fervently wish to deliver us all to.

PS Blogging very light to to real politics at ground level - it takes up a lot of time. I'm still tweeting away though.

I suspect there will be much to blog about as the real Theresa May makes herself known ...

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Man in a Shed said...

Well it got worse with the social care issues.

Tory lead slashed - first on record manifesto U-turn.

You have to wonder if anyone on Team May has the first clue what they are doing.