Thursday, February 04, 2016

This will be a mortal wound the Conservative party

Well that went badly in many ways. Lets rub the salt in and count them:

H/T Matthew Headford Bruges Group
1) Dave asked for little and got back less, yet he wants us to believe the lie that this amounts to something. We all know he's lying - even the loyal EU supporters know this. Anyone who claims this amounts to anything is just making themselves look stupid.
2) What the EU offered was humiliating - especially as the meagre concessions were all phrased in a way that makes EU sovereignty supreme. No more vetoes for you former proud independent free nation.
3) #CallMeDave is having to call in all the favours and apply maximum career pressure. The sight of MPs Conservative party members thought they could trust being turned one by one like Gove, Hammond, May and Pritchard makes in quite clear the Conservative party itself is no longer trust worthy. Dave may be patting himself on the back for having survived his commons appearance, but the Conservative party membership will want blood.
4) And what if #CastIronDave wins ? There will be  party leadership at war with its membership that will never forgive it ( knifing Mrs T will look like a Sunday school picnic in comparison ). Every European court over ruling, forced increase in funding etc will sting.
5) Did someone say treaty change ? Rumour has it there more of this stuff on the way in 2017 - remember CallMeDave thought having a bill that requires a referendum each time would be a wizard ruse a few years ago. We could all be back doing this again within the year.

In the end all this does is confirm to me I did the right thing leaving the Conservative party and joining UKIP.

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