Sunday, January 31, 2016

After Paris

I thought I had half a draft in response to the events in Paris on blogger, but I see its not there so I'll start again.

My response to events, the massacres, in Paris surprised me a little.

I wasn't taken aback - after all events in Mumbai and elsewhere had made it quite clear this sort of event was on the cards.

You know I wasn't even that shocked. After all if you follow the evil that has been handed out, especially to Christian groups in the Middle East - and all of it is truly evil - you know that the sociopathic sadists will just keep upping the anti.

I was saddened - mostly by the inevitability and inadequacy of the ritual responses.

The denial of obvious truths. The cowardly search for alternative guilt.

Also some good observations made me think - such as the link with drug abuse and possibly drugging of the murders who carried out these crimes.

There was also the point that was well made that in the end terrorists are punching way above their weight and its our reaction that they seek - and that we should deny it to them.

But really its the sad realisation that the body count is no where near high enough for the Guardinista crowd to draw the necessary conclusions that are staring them in the face.

Things will need to get much worse before they listen or learn. Far more such events will be needed and that is what is sad.

Many of you reading this would not require this heavy price to be paid, and would rather skip the bloodshed and move onto the actions on freedom of religion and debate ( more of it without special protection based on fear ) that are needed. Not all cultures are equal - not all religions are true.

You could see what will be required from the British left to understand what is going on in the end of Hilary Benn's speech to parliament where he mentioned it could be any of our children.

I can remember left wing journalists finally getting the London riots and the breakdown in law and order that too many people have to live with on sink estates day after day after being mugged for their bikes on the way home.

We are probably going to have to wait, and pay the ongoing cost of doing so... This is why I have had a bit of a blogging break. Sometimes this are just a bit depressing.

You can see the same cycle over recent events in Cologne and the ongoing scandal in Sweden. The left require the damage and hurt to be far greater than this before they will deem to wake from the delusions.

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