Monday, July 27, 2015

Labour deserves Corbyn to win

Labour still haven't quite figured out what happened to them in Scotland.

Well they are about to get another symptom of their underlying malady from their leadership election ( if the polls are to be relied upon ).

In Scotland Labour used implied dog whilst anglophobic hate to push for devolution - thinking they would be the beneficiaries and the voters would dumbly respond the thinly disguised hate message as they associate English and Tory and thought that was all the politicking they would ever need.

The flaw was that having made the anti-Tory, anti-English hate campaign they had no defence when someone claiming to be even more Scottish ( ie anti-English anti-Tory ) than them painted them as Red-Tories they had no defence and they had already abandoned rational politics for knee jerk nationalism.

Now their language and rhetoric used to complain about Austerity ( ie stopping today's generation from stealing the future of the next generation ) set up no understanding of the underlying issues. The quotes to the right of this blog page from Denis Healey and Jim Callaghan have been truly forgotten. No attempt has been made to educate or argue with the infantile Labour membership ( Sorry Liz Kendal you are far too late ).

Now the hard left - friends of terrorist murders and our enemies ( just look who the hard left's candidate shakes hands with ) - stand at the gates of the Labour party and looks like it will cease power.

Well its been coming ever since Labour abdicated reasoned debate and instead used the poison of hate and irrational argument to motivate its base.

The rest of us will now have to deal with the results.

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James Higham said...

Wouldn't be too good for us if the British people kept the joke going.