Sunday, June 07, 2015

1st Sept - coming ready or not

I've been speaking to a number of Conservatives in my local area and I get a common reply to the question - "Right the referendum campaign is about to get going - are you ready to join the Brexit campaign ?"

The reply is ( and I paraphrase a bit )  "We need to see what Cameron negotiates".

Today we had that officially from those who badge themselves as Tory Euro sceptics in Parliament.

There may well be tactical calculations here - principled ones based on getting the best deal on both sides of the ballot - and self interested ones ( Cameron & the modernisers are in power for probably 10 years - and anyone who crosses them can expect their career to be over as far as the Conservative party goes. They will eventually allow some freedom of conscience - but that will come with a career destroying price ).

In the mean time a meme has been put out by the CCHQ broadcast organisation ( Daily telegraph, Spectator, Daily Mail, City AM etc ) that a wider Euroscpetic campaign is needed and that only 13% voted for UKIP ( they don't qualify the when as it immediately begs the counter point of who won the European elections ).

The Tories, and behind them Cameron, want to stop the Brexit campaign from starting, determine the terms and out spend that campaign by millions upon millions of pounds with the whole resources of government being allowed to campaign against UK sovereignty.

Well UKIP won't be falling for it.

Its already clear that the referendum won't be fair or balanced. Its becoming worrying that those who once flaunted their Eurosceptic credentials and told us there's no need for UKIP as they have it covered are now saying they might vote against the UK in the referendum.

Well it would have been nice to have a wide range of interests and parties with the common cause of restoring our sovereignty, rule of law, and freedom - but we're not waiting.

The Brexit ( Cameron rebadged as No ) campaign starts 1st Sept.

Its time to stand up and to be counted.


John Rotherham said...

Why wait until Sept 1?

Man in a Shed said...

On social media there's no need. But things need to get going. Cameron's new wait then do as I tell you strategy shows that he can't be left to hog the media attention with his renegotiation pantomime.

But I have a few ideas on how to get going soon which I'm thinking over right now ...