Thursday, January 22, 2015

England - betrayed by David Cameron and the Conservatives

Today David Cameron - he of the vow to save his career which has resulted in today's independence sometime latter legislation - is up in Scotland.

There will be more "powers" for the busy body assembly in Edinburgh. "Scotland" wants more powers, but to keep the <s>ability to bleed the English dry<\s> security of the United Kingdom.

In short they have al;ready mentally ceased to think of themselves or talk about themselves as British.

Labour's break up of the UK is all around us. In Scotland every agency you can think of has the word Scotland before it. Charities emphasis that the money the raise will be spend on Scots ( yes even the poppy campaign - how dirty nasty and selfish is that ! ). I had a Christmas card from a charity based in Wales - who's strap line was all the money spent in Wales.

The English by contrast have been happy to see money spent according to need - indeed through the spectacular generosity of the Barnett formula they have hose money North of the border and are rewarded with Luddite socialism by the SNP/Labour/Scots Lib Dems.

When hasn't spoken yet - but we better not leave it too late. We are being taken as fools... by Cameron and the Conservatives.

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