Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Evil continues

We are getting thick skinned.

Really no one is really batting an eye lid over Sydney or even the massacre in Pakistan of innocent school kids. ( After all so many other equally evil, sick and disgusting events are perpetuated by the Jihadists on a daily basis, especially against Christians and other minorities in countries that are cursed with their rabid ideology. )

The sad truth is we're acclimatised to the sickness of the movement that carries it out.

Know a tree by the fruit it bears - and so we must now acknowledge what we are dealing with - but I bet you we won't, and that is the blindness that will allow these events to continue.

Perhaps also those like myself who have become acclimatised to hearing awful news like today's need to pray we never become so numbed by it we cease to demand justice and that we stand against such evil.

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James Higham said...

Too acclimatised by 'alf.