Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vote for Mark Reckless (UKIP) to give us all hope

Everything, including the kitchen sink, has been thrown at Mark Reckless.

The Conservative party couldn't bring itself to try to bully Douglas Carswell, but it saw a potential victim in Rochester and Stood.

Only two months ago most pundits and the Conservative party confidently predicted they would walk back with their candidate ( once they found someone ).

Now they have tried to give the impression its all over and that UKIP will win this time.

Don't fall for it - its a classic trick to suppress the vote.

The vile outpouring of scorn, lies and smears over the last 24 hours shows that they think everything is to play for. This can be shown with how the words of Mark Reckless were miss represented ( see ITV recording here - the BBC comments are so filled with Labour and Conservative poison that they should be ignored - listen to the actual words and ask yourself if they translate into the lynch mob shown on the BBC 10 O'Clock news. I think any reasonable person will see its a set up).

What all this shows you is how much this by election matters.

So if you have a vote please think about sending Mark back to Westminster as a UKIP MP - the establishment has done everything in its power to stop him and stop the rest of us winning our democracy back to free our country.

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James Higham said...

What did you think of his PMQ today?