Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saving the taxpayers money by killing people faster and more efficiently

Normally I'd be all for the moral argument on assisted dying, and for the record I'm against on a religious precautionary principle.

However, we should also recognise that Lord Falconer's bill would set up the basis for saving the NHS and therefore the taxpayer ( the major contribution from which are from a rich minority ) a great deal of money.

its your last few days that cost all the money in the NHS - or at least the last phases of an acute illness.

get people to be bumped of by an increasingly amoral medical establishment would save a great deal of money.

Remember one of the reason we have waves of immigrants into Europe is to keep our health services running with an ageing population profile. And immigration can't carry on forever at current rates.

Those with the money have a real big interest in cutting costs.

Just saying ...

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