Monday, June 30, 2014

Junckered - but who being fooled ?

So at one level - we have #CastIronDave making a charge of the light brigade quixotic gesture to stop Mr Juncker being confirmed as the President of the European commission.

Clearly CCHQ is hoping that Eurosceptics will admire how robust and forth right David Cameron is for the UK's interests when he has no hope of achieving those ends ( and so isn't risking dmagaging the European Union one bit. )

Its clearly the Conservative party line as other cabinet ministers have been spouting off about it.

Behind the scenes the Conservtive party is dong all it can to spike UKIP's guns. In the EU this has included collaborating with the AfD and other parties that are logically close allies of UKIP - solely to try to make UKIP's position more difficult.

They are campaigning in seats that UKIP might target ( see here ) rather than against Labour.

People who know Cameron, like the Polish Prime minister, assume he's just faking the Eurospectic line to cut off the oxygen from the genuine Eurosceptics.

Personally I thinnk Dave has form on this and its the most likely explaination of his rather odd behaviour. Its all to fool Euroscpetic votes again ...

Are you ready to be fooled again, or will you be voting UKIP ?

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