Monday, May 05, 2014

What the papers say

Most political parties and causes have a new paper that backs them.

Of course there are always links between the papers, their staff politicians and government.

We've had two declarations recently that are worthy of comment.

1) The Sunday Herald has come out for destroying the Union,
2) The Daily Express has turned back to supporting the European Union by embracing the Conservative party.

Of the two the Sunday Herald appears to be acting form principle - even if you disagree with their conclusion.

The Daily Express change of heart to suddenly producing 100% CCHQ propaganda is a little less admirable.

Things are running in opposite directions North and South of the boarder. North of the border those in the establishment are having to consider that just maybe the SNP will win and they won't want to be on the losing side. This means opinion could move in a jump, with many looking to back the winning side.

South of the boarder the establishment is pressing the panic button to do everything it can to undermine UKIP. They know that they will still be in power after May 22nd, but after the disgraceful smear campaign by all three main parties they are now trying to pretend that only the Conservative party can deliver.

Lets be clear anything less than a thumping UKIP victory on May 22nd will be used by the Conservatives to justify Cameron's aims of staying in the EU at any price.

Things are very unstable and that instability has two root causes:

1) Labour's anti-English Anglophobic devolution stitch up - dreamt up by Brown for his narrow partisan reasons.
2) Cameron failure of judgement in the terms of the Scottish referendum and failing to hold an EU referendum. ( He can plead all he likes about those nasty Quisling Lib Dems not letting him - but we know that iufg he believed in his country he'd have made it happen ).

Britain may be about to die - not that the papers care.

PS Do not rule out Brown declaring for independence in the last few weeks of the campaign.

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