Wednesday, April 23, 2014

September 19th - another possible future

Good morning. It was close, but the Union has held by just 998 votes. The result was in the balance until the last votes were counted - and then recounted three times.

This morning a tired Alex Salmond spoke to the SNP faithful a declared that this wasn't the end but just the beginning. He pointed out how much had been achieved in moving Scottish opinion and rededicated his government to working for Scotland's interests which he still believed would eventually be served by full independence. He declared that the government down in Westminster should accept that Scotland had shown a wish more more devolved powers, which he thought should include resources and taxation. There was a clear mandate from this referendum for these powers to be transferred, as Westminster would have discovered if Cameron had not blocked the Devo Max option from the referendum ballot.

If Westminster did not accept this then the Scottish government would include a referendum of Devo Max with the next elections for a Scottish Parliament.

Nick Clegg for the coalition announced a review of more powers to be devolved to Scotland, including the right to borrow money that will be ultimately underwritten by English tax payers ( though he neglected to mention the last part ).

Nicola Sturgeon stated that Westminster had to respond to Scotland's demands for more powers and rights, including keeping all North Sea oil revenues.

John Redwood wrote that it was time to give the English a fair deal in the Union, but his was a lone voice. Cameron is expected to make a speech at lunch time declaring his passionate belief in the Union and offering more powers and money to Scotland.

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