Sunday, August 12, 2012

Prepare for a hangover on Monday

Well this has been fun - the Jubailee, Euro 2012, the Olympics.

The public has instinctively given up on the Oxford educated PPE graduate elite who run our political parties, and allowed themselves to transfer their emoitions to the Royal Family and our nation's sportsmen and women.

But the denial isn't going to be sustainable for much longer.

The Coalition, somehwat ironically, makes running the UK in the nations interests impossible with the quisling Lib Dems beholden to their Brussels masters.

Cameron has been shown to be a weak man who just governs for its own sake. And the Tsunmai of the Euro and Debt crisis runs towards our shores with awful predicability.

It will arrive soon - and we'll need our happy memories of this Summer to comfort us soon.

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